Reloading Data

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Date of Publication: 26 June 2019.

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Somchem Reloading Data

CartridgeCalibreBullet WeightBullet TypeBarrel Twist RateCOAL (millimeter)Propellant (Somchem)Start Load (gr.)Start Load Velocity (Ft/s)Case Fill %Maximum Load (gr.)Case Fill %Max Velocity (ft/s)
6mm Musgrave6mm/.24375grTarget / HunTac1078.1mmS36140.5gr289395.8042.5100.53052
87grTarget / HunTac1078.1mmS36138.5gr273793.940.598.82891
6x47 Lapua6mm/.24375grTarget / HunTac1066mmS35538gr325494.34099.23400
87grTarget / HunTac866mmS35536gr3041923897.13198
6mm XC6mm/.24375grTarget / HunTac1069.8mmS35539gr3233894193.63385
87grTarget / HunTac869.8mmS35537gr303286.83991.53176
243 Win6mm/.24375grTarget / HunTac1068.8mmS35540gr318187.54291.83315
87grTarget / HunTac868.8mmS35538gr299085.34089.83118
75grTarget / HunTac1068.8mmS36542.5gr314591.44596.83316
87grTarget / HunTac868.8mmS36541gr300790.543.5963167
243 Ackley Imp6mm/.24375grTarget / HunTac1068.80mmS36544gr312189.34693.43263
87grTarget / HunTac868.80mmS36543gr302589.54693.63156
6mm Creedmoor6mm/.24375grTarget / HunTac1071.10mmS35540gr326490.94295.53412
87grTarget / HunTac871.10mmS35538gr306588.84093.43205
6mm SLR6mm/.24375grTarget / HunTac1068.8mmS35540gr3225423375
87grTarget / HunTac868.8mmS35538gr3000403128
6.5x47 Lapua6.5mm/.264115grTarget / HunTac971mmS35538gr284593.94098.92976
125grTarget / HunTac871mmS35536gr269992.2387.22828
6.5x55 Swedish6.5mm/.264115grTarget / HunTac880mmS36545gr284890.44794.42965
125grTarget / HunTac880mmS36543gr272488.845932838
125grTarget / HunTac880mmS36146.5gr264689.748.593.62761
6.5x57 Mauser6.5mm/.264115grTarget / HunTac82mmS36546.5gr290289.848.593.73014
125grTarget / HunTac82mmS36544.5gr277688.346.592.22885
260 Rem6.5mm/.264115grTarget / HunTac8.5/971.1mmS35539gr283390.441952959
125grTarget / HunTac871.1mmS35537gr269188.539.594.52845
125grTarget / HunTac871.1mmS36540.5gr274095.342.51002865
6.5 Grendel6.5mm/.264115grTarget / HunTac57.4mmS33526gr241391.727.5972534
125grTarget / HunTac57.4mmS33524gr224788.92696.32406
6.5 Creedmoor6.5mm/.264115grTarget / HunTac871.76mmS35541gr292492.14396.63045
125grTarget / HunTac871.76mmS35538.5gr275189.241952900
115grTarget / HunTac871.76mmS36543.5gr289996.145.5100.53023
125grTarget / HunTac871.76mmS36541.5gr276894.643.599.12889
6.5x284 Norma6.5mm/.264115grTarget / HunTac882mmS38554gr295390.15693.43059
125grTarget / HunTac882mmS38552gr284188.85492.22945
264 Win Mag6.5mm/.264115grTarget / HunTac984.8mmS38563gr312287.46590.23212
125grTarget / HunTac984.8mmS38561gr301386.36389.23101
6.5-06 A Square6.5mm/.264115grTarget / HunTac887.3mmS38555gr3019935796.43126
125grTarget / HunTac887.3mmS38553gr290691.85595.33010
270 Winchester270/277130grTarget / HunTac1084.4mmS36551gr289491.85395.42990
130grTarget / HunTac1084.4mmS35548gr289487.85091.52996
270 Weatherby mag270/277130grTarget / HunTac1083.7mmS38570gr302883.37386.83145
270 WSM270/277130grTarget / HunTac1073.3mmS38562gr302891.66494.53121
7x57 Mauser7mm/284140grTarget / HunTac9/8.7578mmS36545.5gr268693.547.597.72799
7-08Rem7mm/284140grTarget / HunTac9.571.1mmS33537.5gr260587.439.5922713
140grTarget / HunTac9.571.1mmS34140.5gr265585.742.5902772
7x64 Brenneke7mm/284140grTarget / HunTac984mmS35548gr281085.95089.52908
7mm Rem mag7mm/284140grTarget / HunTac9.583.5mmS38563gr293090.165.593.73042
7mm WSM7mm/284140grTarget / HunTac1073.6mmS38563gr296991.665.595.33081
308 Win30/308155grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt12/1371.1mmS34144.5gr268693.646.597.82800
165grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt10/1171.1mmS34143gr259292.64596.92705
175grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1071.1mmS34141.5gr250191.543.5962612
155grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt12/1371.1mmS33541gr263694.94399.52741
165grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt10/1171.1mmS33539.5gr253493.641.598.32638
175grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1071.1mmS33538gr243692.24097.12538
3006 Springfield30/308155grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1284.8mmS34151gr275485.15388.52850
165grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt10/1184.8mmS34150gr267483.85287.22767
175grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1084.8mmS34149gr261283.75187.12703
155grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1284.8mmS35550.5gr275691.45395.92878
165grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt10/1184.8mmS35549.5gr269291.35295.32810
175grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1084.8mmS35548.5gr262991.150.594.82722
155grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1284.8mmS36553gr267193.45698.72821
165grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt10/1184.8mmS36552.5gr265695.25599.72778
175grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1084.8mmS36552gr262796.15499.82722
300 Win Mag30/308155grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1084.8mmS38571gr293292.27597.43096
165grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1084.8mmS38570gr288192.173963002
175grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1084.8mmS38569gr2832927296.12949
300 WSM30/308155grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1072.6mmS38567gr295098.669101.63041
165grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1072.6mmS38565.5gr28769.967.5100.92965
175grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1072.6mmS38564gr280497.166100.22891
300 Weatherby Mag30/308165grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1090.4mmS38574.5gr293090.178.594.93078
175grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1090.4mmS38573gr286189.47794.33008
300 H H Mag30/308155grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1091.4mmS38569gr29409671.599.53048
165grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1091.4mmS38567.5gr286895.37098.82973
175grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1091.4mmS38566gr279794.668.598.12900
300 Rem Ultra Mag30/308165grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1091.4mmS38581gr290284.786903056
175grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1091.4mmS38579gr283283.68488.82974
303 British303/311170grHunTac1078.1mmS33537gr234785.439902452
8x57 Mauser8mm/323200grUltraHunt9.2582mmS36544gr216786.846.591.72291
8x68 S8mm/323200grUltraHunt1087mmS36564gr276195.26799.72291
338 Winchester338/250grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1084.8mmS36561gr250094.86499.52606
338 Lapua Mag338/250grTarget / HunTac / UltraHunt1093.5mmS38577gr256287.180.592.72688
9.3x62 Mauser9.3/365230grTarget / UltraHunt1283.6mmS33554gr245388.65793.52565
9.3x64 Brenneke9.3/365230grTarget / UltraHunt1285.6mmS33562gr261488.66592.82712
9.3x74 R9.3/365230grTarget / UltraHunt1296.5mmS33554gr238383.75788.42493
375 H H Mag375/250grTarget / UltraHunt1291.4mmS33563gr247987.16691.22573
250grTarget / UltraHunt1291.4mmS35568gr2557947198.12662
250grTarget / UltraHunt1291.4mmS34169gr267386.77189.22741
375 Ruger375/250grTarget / UltraHunt1284.8mmS33570gr255391.67496.92682
250grTarget / UltraHunt1284.8mmS35565gr247285.16990.32588
375 Blazer Mag375/250grTarget / UltraHunt1292mmS35576gr265489.97993.52747
375 Weatherby Mag375/250grTarget / UltraHunt1290.5mmS35574gr264592.17795.92741


*Max Load:
For your own safety, never start your load with the maximum load, always start lower and work up to it, whilst checking for pressure signs at all times.
*Start Load:
The start load is derived using standard Quick Load input values which were NOT calibrated for any given rifle. The start load = Maximum pressure minus 25%. This load is deemed safe for the first rounds fired in your rifle. The load can be worked up gradually to safe maximum pressures from this point.
*Start Velocity:
The start velocity is calculated from the start load. This velocity may not correspond with your measured velocity due to powder lot to lot differences, case volume, primers used, rifle barrel dimensional and surface condition variations etc.
*Case Fill %:
The case fill percentage in principle show that the slowest burning rate powder yielding the maximum case fill was selected. Under maximum load conditions the case should be filled close to 100%. If the case capacity exceeds 100% during your Quick Load calculation then be on the look out for “compressed” loads. If compressed loads are experienced then use the next slowest burn rate powder, if available. Please contact for assistance.
Use the recommended primer for your case. Better quality primers will result in better ignition and smaller extreme velocity spreads.
Omitted Calibres:
Please contact Balistix Bullets if you need assistance on calibres not listed above. (
Cartridge Overall Length. The COAL stated is this table is according to the SAAMI specification. The COAL is measured from the base of the case to the tip of the bullet. (Please refer to out “Reloading Tips” for proper measurement techniques)
If possible, we recommend that you determine the COAL of your rifle, and load your bullets at 1mm short of the lands.
Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute / Commission Internationale Permanente (Permanent International Commission for the Proof of Small Arms)
Powder Selection:
The powders shown above by no means define them as the best powder for your load. It is a known fact that different burn rate powders may yield better performance in certain rifles. Please use whatever powder works best for you but always be safe and when in doubt contact or your propellant manufacturer.
Email Correspondence:
Please allow 7 working days for email correspondence from us since the email loading may sometimes be excessive. Thank you for understanding.
Balistix Information File Version:
Information may change without notice. Please check web page regularly for latest revision. Revision date is underneath information table.

Balistix Bullets Quick Load Data File