Monolithic Bullets are Steel Gong Friendly – Testing by Impact Shooting

In this video publication Impact Shooting puts the myth that monolithic bullets causes damage to steel gongs to the test.
The results yielded no significant damage as opposed to lead core bullets.

The testing was performed by an independent third party, and any views expressed therein does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Balistix Bullets.   

Nick Olivier – Target Shooting

“This is my 2 best groupings with the 2 powders (S335 & N540) that I tested.
The constant factor is the use of Balistix 165gr Huntac Bullets.
Well done with your product!”

Cartridge used: .308 Win


Satisfied Balistix Customer – Meat Damage

We recieved this photo from a satisified hunter that hunted a Kudu using our Balistix HunTac bullet. Note that the bullet penetrated ribs on both the entry and exit sides.
“Everything Balistix told me about minimal meat damage is true.”


David Da Silva – Hunting with Balistix

“Balistix Bullets keep performing exceptionally in Europe. Hunting Mouflon on the island Dugi Otok (Croatia) is best described as shared moments with great people & winning combinations of shooting gear.”

Shot with a Balistix 9.3mm Ultra Hunt bullet.

Point Of Impact Testing – Target vs. HunTac

The results of testing Point of Impact differences between Balistix Target and HunTac bullets.
These test were performed with a 6.5 x 47 Lapua Cartridge, using our 115gr Target and 115gr HunTac bullets.
The bullets were loaded with the same powder load and CBTO lengths.
This proves that the point of impact between Balistix Target and HunTac bullets does not differ at all up to 250m, after which the difference in BC will start to have an effect.

Long range testing – 1000m with the 375 CheyTac.

These photos depict an epic story! 
Long rage testing was performed by the writer of a well known South-African shooting magazine.
The testing was done using a Victrix Tormentum Rifle, at a range of 1000m, shooting Balistix’s .375″ Target bullet that was custom developed for the 375 CheyTac cartridge.
Note the perfect nosing of the bullets from the symmetrical remnants of the bullets.