About Us

The Balistix team is a group of South African hunting and competitive sport shooting enthusiasts.

All three friends, ranging from a successful manufacturing engineering entrepreneur, an investment and corporate banker, and a mechanical engineer had a dream to locally produce a monolithic bullet that not only conforms, but more importantly, exceeds the demands of the modern day shooter and hunter. The objective was to provide a local alternative to imported established brand names.

The worldwide drive to ban lead-core bullets, as well as the sheer cost of imported products against the shifting exchange rate prompted the establishment of Balistix Bullets.

In an effort to curb these problems, the three founding members decided to enter the market with the mission of supplying a high quality premium monolithic bullet that will consistently perform beyond expectation. This will be achieved through applying a modern approach to bullet design against the status quo.

Our motto, “Where Accuracy Counts”, is a promise we intend to keep.