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Balistix Target Bullet

The Target bullet has the highest BC of the three types of bullets, and we recommend that it is used only for target shooting and not hunting. The Target bullet range is also useful to use when doing load developments.


Balistix HunTac Bullet

The HunTac bullet is designed for hunting and tactical application. This bullet is the most versatile of all three types and is designed for plains game hunting, where a better BC is required combined with the expansion and mushroom needed for hunting.


Balistix UltraHunt Bullet

The UltraHunt is designed for bush hunting. With a wider opening, it will allow for a better mushroom on the shorter hunting distances. Due to the bigger meplat, the BC’s are lower than both the Target and Huntac bullets.

*The prices listed below are the recommended retail price. Prices at your local dealer may differ.

CaliberPrice Incl VAT
.243"/6mm Target 75gr Qty 50R474.51
.243"/6mm Target 85gr Qty 50R474.51
.264"/6.5mm Target 115gr Qty 50R474.51
.264"/6.5mm Target 125gr Qty 50R477.95
.277" Target 130gr Qty 50R477.95
.284"/7mm Target 140gr Qty 50R477.95
.30" Target 155gr Qty 50R495.14
.30" Target 165gr Qty 50R515.78
.30" Target 175gr Qty 50R536.41
.338" Target 250gr Qty 25R323.22
.375" Target 250gr Qty 25R338.69
.22" Huntac 50gr Qty 50R504.57
.22" Huntac 55gr Qty 50R510.41
.243"/6mm HunTac 75gr Qty 50R579.39
.243"/6mm HunTac 85gr Qty 50R579.39
.264"/6.5mm HunTac 115gr Qty 50R579.39
.264"/6.5mm HunTac 120gr Qty 50R581.11
.264"/6.5mm HunTac 125gr Qty 50R581.11
.277" HunTac 130gr Qty 50R582.83
.284"/7mm HunTac 140gr Qty 50R582.83
.30" HunTac 155gr Qty 50R600.02
.30" HunTac 165gr Qty 50R620.65
.30" HunTac 175gr Qty 50R641.28
.303" Huntac 170gr Qty 50R620.65
.338" HunTac 250gr Qty 25R395.43
.30" UltraHunt 155gr Qty 50R600.02
.30" UltraHunt 165gr Qty 50R620.65
.30" UltraHunt 175gr Qty 50R641.28
.323"/8mm UltraHunt 200gr Qty 25R395.43
.338" UltraHunt 250gr Qty 25R395.43
9.3mm UltraHunt 230gr Qty 25R400.59
.375 UltraHunt 250gr Qty 25R407.46

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